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Ownership in projects through public private partnership?

Hasaan Khawar

In a recent meeting with parliamentarians from FATA, the President said that governemmt would like to give people ownership in mega development projects through public private partnerships (For details, click here). I’m not sure if PPPs can be used for this purpose, but they can surely be used to develop infrastructure and overcome the fiscal impediments, currently faced by the government.


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2 thoughts on “Ownership in projects through public private partnership?

  1. Hi,

    My name is Khalid M. Shaikh and currently I am working as the Director Public Private Partnership in GoS. I am part of the PPP initiative in Sindh from the very begining. I and Naheed Shah Durrani the Director General PPPU can be said to be the pioneers of PPP initiatives in Sindh, but now we have a fullfledged PPP team which is working both towards development of PPP Instiutional, Legal and Regulatory (ILR) framework and project development initiatives as well. We have been successful in launching our first PPP project namely Hyderabad Mirpurkhas Dual Carriagway Project which has entered into construction phase. Apart from that we are undertaking scores of PPP Projects in Sindh at differnt level of project development.

    I have good understanding of what president of Pakistan intends to say when he talks of general peoples’ participation in the PPP Projects. He simply wishes to let common people participate in the injection of financing to the PPP Projects through listing of private companies into the public listing ones.

    He believes that private companies should develop into public limited companies and they should raise financing through stock exchange activities. the financing should be raised through IPOs etc.

    this is aimed at more common participation but has lots of ifs and buts and requires well functioning of PPP intervention in the country as the PPPs suffer from failures in Pakistan due to many reasons which may be discussed at any other time.

    In last, I congratualte you for embarking upon this task of promoting PPPs in Pakistan. You have rightly pointed out in your introduction that there is lots of misunderstanding of PPPs in Pakistan which needs to be removed and true understanding be spread especially among our policy makers.


    Posted by khalid m. shaikh | June 16, 2010, 11:31 am
  2. Thanks a lot for this detailed comment and explanation. That is a very interesting idea indeed. In order to make such IPOs a success, capital markets need to be strengthened. Moreover, the Government may consider securitization of such projects to attract institutional investors. To make such securities attractive for risk-averse small investors, however, the Government may need to support such securitization by some kind of public guarantee fund.

    Posted by hasaankhawar | June 17, 2010, 9:38 am

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