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PPPs in India

PPPs in India – “USD 200 billion investment opportunity by the year 2012″…. This is how the website on PPPs in India, maintained by the central Ministry of Finance, highlights the investment opportunity in Indian PPPs. The website is quite comprehensive and presents information not only on central government’s PPP initiatives but also on what some … Continue reading

New private infrastructure activity in developing countries continued to recover selectively

Investment commitments to new infrastructure projects with private participation (PPI projects) reaching closure in developing countries grew by 15% in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared with the same period of 2008—and by 15% in 2009 as a whole. These growth rates indicate a strong recovery from the 45% drop in… [PPI Data Update; Assessment of the impact of … Continue reading

India Looking to Establish IT Institutes under PPP

The Indian Finance Ministry recently rejected an ambitious proposal by Human Resource Development Ministry to set up 20 Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIIT) as part of the 11th Plan. The Finance Ministry instead has suggested to establish these institutes under public-private partnership.

Government’s strategy to enhance regional connectivity in transport and communication to focus on PPPs

The government has planned a strategy to enhance regional connectivity in transport and communication sector in 2010-11, which will improve links to the Central Asian States, Iran, Afghanistan and India. The strategy would focus on rail, road and ports and shipping sub-sectors. To implement this strategy, the government is looking for PPPs to mobilize private investments. … Continue reading

Role of PPP in Agriculture

The growing fiscal constraints and limited public sector capacity have pushed the governments in developing countries to look for enhanced private sector participation. Public private partnerships therefore, have assumed great importance in various spheres of economy in recent years. This holds true for agriculture sector as well, where PPPs can be used both for agriculture research and development.  According to some … Continue reading

Public Private Partnership and Global Recession

By Khalid M. Shaikh, Director Public Private Partnership (Corporate Services), Finance Department, Government of Sindh The provision of infrastructure and other public services, despite being in the public sector domain has always involved private assistance  (Quiggin, 2005), be it in the form of contracting out of construction services, involving consultancy or seeking private finance. Historically speaking, the … Continue reading

USD 200 million for Promoting PPPs in Pakistan

ADB is currently considering putting in USD 200 million for promoting PPPs in Pakistan. However, it is not clear whether this money would be spent on capacity-building, project preparation, transaction advisory, viability gap funding or for any other use. Pls see the news item here.

Enactment of PPP Law in Punjab

Punjab Government promulgated the PPP for Infrastructure Ordinance in 2009, which expired after three months. The Government is currently reviewing the draft PPP law, after which it is likely to be enacted. The draft law lays out the process for undertaking both solicited and unsolicited projects. Once enacted, the law would give cover to a range of … Continue reading

PPP in Land Record Computerization – Punjab

Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) is a World Bank-funded project, which is working for computerization of land records in Punjab.  The project aims to establish a total of 159 Service Centers in all tehsils and sub-tehsils of Punjab under public-private partnership. The Government of Punjab intends to outsource the service delivery in these service centers to … Continue reading