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Role of PPP in Agriculture

The growing fiscal constraints and limited public sector capacity have pushed the governments in developing countries to look for enhanced private sector participation. Public private partnerships therefore, have assumed great importance in various spheres of economy in recent years. This holds true for agriculture sector as well, where PPPs can be used both for agriculture research and development.  According to some estimates, developing countries have been investing approximately 0.5 percent of agricultural GDP in agricultural R&D, which is about one-fourth of the amount invested by industrial countries, which average 2 percent. 

In one of his recent articles, Mr. Hummayun Akhtar Khan, the former federal minister, also touched upon the subject and emphasized that “research institutions should be developed in agriculture sector for crops, fruits, vegetables and livestock through public private partnership where state-of-the-art research should be pursued”. He also mentioned that public private partnership can be used for providing services like seeds, fertilizer, rental tractors and bulldozers and consultancy with respect to modern agriculture techniques. His article can be accessed from here.


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