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Should the public sector guarantee private sector financing for PPPs?

The financial crisis and subsequent credit crunch has greatly reduced the options available to governments regarding PPPs. The reason is very simple: There is no longer enough money available for long-term private infrastructure investment…. (The full text is available here.) Advertisements

PPP Success Story: Upgradation of Union Station Washington DC

The up-gradation of Union Station is termed as a highly successful PPP project. The successful collaboration of the public and private sectors made the Union Station restoration a triumph that benefits both the partners and visitors to the unique historic site. The Union Station public-private partnership incorporated the building’s transportation utility and unique architectural aspects … Continue reading

Report on PPP Procurement in Australia

KPMG has recently released a report on ‘Review of Barriers to Competition and Efficiency in the Procurement of PPP Projects’ in Australia. The report presents views of existing and potential PPP participants saying, lays out barriers to competition, identifies procurement inefficiencies and gives some recommendations for the government. The full report can be accessed at here.

Public-private partnerships- Making the right choice for the right reason

By Ian Hawkesworth, OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development Governments may find public-private partnerships (PPPs) especially tempting in the aftermath of a financial crisis, but how can hasty choices be avoided? When national budgets are on bread-andwater diets, PPPs are like a parcel of cheese and sausage under the floorboards. In reality though, … Continue reading

Public-Private Partnership Agencies: A Global Perspective

A paper by Farrugia and Reynolds; Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects – Stanford University “Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Agencies are a recent phenomenon; as a result, little is known about their origins, functions and global evolution. As developed countries increasingly utilize PPP approaches for procurement of infrastructure assets, they are creating agencies to provide centralized knowledge and a … Continue reading