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Improving Health and Education Service Delivery in India through PPPs

India has identified an investment requirement of $500-billion across various sectors, to be made during 2007–2012 to increase its infrastructure spending from 4.7% to 8.0% of GDP to sustain growth and poverty alleviation targets. Due to fiscal constraints, PPPs have assumed a critical importance to mobilize this investment. Although health and education are two critical sectors for achieving overall equitable human development in the country, India’s health spending (4.8% of GDP) and education spending (4.1% of GDP) are far lower than what is needed for effective service delivery in these sectors. To explore the role of PPPs in health and education service delivery, KPMG has done a study, through support from ADB and Indian Govt. to identify viable and appropriate PPP solutions for these sectors. The study can be accessed from here. 


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