PPP Units


PPP Units, Associations and Cells Around the World

·            Africa; Infrastructure Consortium for Africa

·            Australia; Infrastructure Australia

·            Australia; Infrastructure Partnerships Australia; (A)

·            Australia; National PPP Forum

·            Australia; New South Wales; WWG (MF)

·            Australia; Partnerships Victoria

·            Australia; Queensland, Department of Infrastructure

·            Bangladesh; Infrastructure Investment Facilitation Center

·            Belgium; Flanders; PPP Knowledge Centre

·            Brazil; Minas Gerais; Parceria Público-Privada; PPP Unit

·            Canada; British Columbia, Partnerships BC

·            Canada; Infrastructure Canada; PPP Fund

·            Canada; Ontario; Infrastructure Ontario

·            Canada; Quebec, PPP Quebec

·            Canada; The Council of Public Private Partnerships

·            Chile; Ministry of Public Works; Concessions

·            China; Hong Kong; Efficiency Unit

·            Costa Rica; Consejo National de Concessiones (MOP)

·            Croatia; PPP Agency

·            Croatia; PPP Knowledge Centre at CIBSE

·            Czech Republic; Asociace PPP

·            Czech Republic; MF PPP Taskforce

·            Czech Republic; PPP Centrum

·            Denmark; PPP Taskforce

·            Egypt; PPP Central Unit

·            Estonia; Public Procurement Centre

·            EU; European PPP Expertese Centre

·            Fiji; PPP Unit release

·            France; CEFO-PPP

·            France; Institute de PPP (Gestion Deleguee)

·            France; MF PPP Taskforce

·            Germany; Baden-Wuerttemberg; PPP Taskforce

·            Germany; Bayern; PPP Taskforce

·            Germany; Brandenburg; PPP unit (MF)

·            Germany; Federal PPP Taskforce

·            Germany; Hessen; PPP Task Force

·            Germany; Land of Nordrhein-Westfalen, PPP Taskforce

·            Germany; Lower Saxony; PPP Task Force

·            Germany; Niedersachsen; PPP Unit

·            Germany; Rheinland-Pfalz; Kompetenzzentrum

·            Germany; Sachsen-Anhalt; PPP Taskforce (MF)

·            Germany; Sachsen; PPP Unit

·            Germany; Schleswig-Holstein; PPP Unit

·            Germany; Thueringen; PPP Taskforce

·            Greece; Special Secretariat for PPPs

·            India; Andhra Pradesh; Infrastructure Corporation

·            India; Andhra Pradesh; Road Development Corporation

·            India; Andhra Pradesh; Urban Finance and Infrastructure

·            India; Assam; Assam PPP

·            India; Bihar; Industrial Area Development Authority

·            India; Bihar; Infrastructure Development Authority

·            India; Federal PPP Unit at Ministry of Finance

·            India; Gujarat; Infrastructure Development Board

·            India; Karnataka; Infrastructure Development Corp.

·            India; Karnataka; Infrastructure Development Department

·            India; Karnataka; Urban Infrastructure Development

·            India; Madhya Pradesh; Road Development

·            India; Maharashtra; Region Development Authority

·            India; Maharashtra; Urban Infrastructure Development

·            India; Orissa; PPP Unit

·            India; Punjab; Infrastructure Development Board

·            India; Rajasthan; PPP Unit

·            India; Rajasthan; State Road Development

·            India; Uttarakhand; Infrastructure Development Company

·            India; Uttarakhand; Infrastructure Project Company

·            India; Uttarakhand; PPP Cell

·            Indonesia; PPP Directorate of Bappenas

·            Ireland; Central PPP Unit

·            Ireland; National Roads Authority; PPP

·            Israel; PPP Unit at MF

·            Italy; Lombardia; PPP Regional Unit; (MF)

·            Italy; PPP Task Force

·            Japan; PFI Association

·            Japan; PFI Promotion Office

·            Japan; PPP Portal

·            Kazakhstan; PPP Center

·            Kazakhstan; PPP Center

·            Latvia; PPP Association

·            Latvia; PPP Taskforce

·            Malawi; Privatisation Commission

·            Malta; PPP Unit at MF

·            Mauritius; PPP Unit (MF)

·            Netherlands; EIPA; European PPP Forum

·            Netherlands; PPP Unit at Ministry of Transport and Water

·            Netherlands; PPP Unit; Ministry of Public Works

·            Nigeria; Foundation for PPP; Association

·            Northern Ireland; Strategic Investment Board

·            Pakistan; IPDF – PPP Taskforce (MF)

·            Pakistan; PPP Unit Sindh

·            Pakistan; Private Power Infrastructure Board 

·            Papua New Guinea; PPP Centre; Planning Dept

·            Peru; PPP Agency promoting private investments

·            Philippines; BOT Center

·            Poland; Centrum PPP

·            Poland; Institute PPP

·            Portugal; Parpublica

·            Puerto Rico; PPP Authority

·            Russia; Federal PPP Centre; Vnesheconombank

·            Singapore; MF PPP site

·            Slovakia; Asociace PPP

·            Slovakia; PPP Taskforce at MF

·            Slovenia; MF; PPP Law

·            South Africa; PPP Unit (MF)

·            South Korea; Pimac – government thinktank

·            Spain; Centro de Excelencia de CPP

·            Sri Lanka; BOI – PPP Unit; Board of Investment

·            Switzerland; PPP Association

·            Turkey; International PPP Platform

·            UK; 4Ps

·            UK; Department of Constitutional Affairs

·            UK; Department of Education, Schools PFI

·            UK; Department of Health; PPP

·            UK; English Partnerships

·            UK; HM Treasury

·            UK; Homes and Communities Agency

·            UK; International Financial Services of London

·            UK; International Project Finance Association

·            UK; Mistry of Defence; PPP Unit

·            UK; National Audit Office

·            UK; Northern Ireland; Public Private Investment Unit

·            UK; Office of Governmnet Commerce

·            UK; Partnerships UK

·            UK; PPP Forum

·            UK; Scotland; PPP Unit (MF)

·            UK; Welsh Assembly Government; PFI

·            UN; ESCAP; PPP

·            UN; UNECE; PPP Department

·            USA; California; Performance Based Infrastructure

·            USA; Department of State; Global Partnership Initiative

·            USA; Maryland, Mointgomery Parks PPPs

·            USA; Maryland; Transport Authority

·            USA; Millenium Corporation; Private Sector Initiatives

·            USA; National Council for PPP

·            USA; Privatization Center

·        USA; Texas; Transportation Authority

·         USA; Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)





One thought on “PPP Units

  1. Nice work regarding to PPPs. I would suggest that a seprate section should be made for the projects already executed/functioning/pipeline under PPP models in Pakistan.

    Posted by Waseem Mansoor | August 8, 2011, 1:26 pm

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